Clinical Significance of Vitamin D Deficiency in Primary Hyperparathyroidism, and Safety of Vitamin D Therapy

Nasser Mikhail, MD, MSc


South Med J. 2011;104(1):29-33. 

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Current Needs

There is an urgent need for well-designed trials to evaluate the safety and efficacy of vitamin D therapy in patients with coexistent vitamin D deficiency and PHPT. Subjects with serum calcium concentrations greater than 12 mg/dL have not been studied before, and should be included in new trials. In addition to the effects of vitamin D on the biochemical and hormonal profiles of PHPT, study outcomes should assess the impact of vitamin D on symptoms and complications of PHPT. While some differences still exist between various methods of measurement of 25-OHD in serum, recent data reported by the International Vitamin D External Quality Assessment Scheme (DEQAS) showed improvement in the precision of various assays of serum 25-OHD in the last 15 years.[28] This encouraging step should enhance the research field of vitamin D, and will help determine optimum serum levels of 25-OHD in patients with PHPT.


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