Bronchial Provocation Testing: The Future

Sandra D. Anderson; John D. Brannan


Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol. 2011;11(1):46-52. 

In This Article

Introduction: Bronchial Provocation Tests: The Future is Here

It is now recognized that asthma is being both under and over-diagnosed[1,2,3•,4] and this has important implications. Those who are under-diagnosed miss an opportunity to benefit from treatment. Those who are over-diagnosed carry the economic and social consequences of being labelled with a chronic condition and are at risk of unwanted side-effects from treatment. The need to confirm or exclude a diagnosis of asthma now extends to the wider community. This wider community includes fire fighters, recruits for defence, police and other occupations or recreational activities (SCUBA diving) in which the under-reporting or over-reporting of signs and symptoms of asthma is common and misdiagnosis can have a significant negative impact. Thus there is a need for bronchial provocation tests (BPTs).


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