Self-nanoemulsifying Drug Delivery Systems: Formulation Insights, Applications and Advances

Abhijit A Date; Neha Desai; Rahul Dixit; Mangal Nagarsenker


Nanomedicine. 2010;5(10) 

In This Article

Advantages of SNEDDS in Oral Delivery

Reduction in Inter- & Intra-subject Variability & Food Effects

There are several drugs, such as cyclosporine and ezetimibe, that show large inter- and intra-subject variation in absorption leading to decreased performance of the drug and patient noncompliance. It has been demonstrated that fed and fasted state dissolution media have negligible effects on the droplet size of the SNEDDS.[65] Hence, it can be anticipated that SNEDDS (fabricated with proper optimization) can offer a reduction in ratio of bioavailability between fed and fasted state and can offer reproducibility in plasma profiles of drugs in fed and fasted conditions. Nielsen et al. demonstrated that bioavailability of probucol is not affected by fed and fasted state in minipigs when administered as SNEDDS, whereas powder formulation shows considerable variation in fed and fasted state bioavailability.[87]

Quick Onset of Action

Quick onset of action is required in many conditions, such as inflammation, hypertension and angina. SNEDDS can facilitate oral absorption of the drug, which would result in quick onset of action. The comparative pharmacokinetic analysis of SNEDDS to conventional formulation has demonstrated that there is considerable reduction observed in tmax (an indirect measure of quick onset of action) in case of SNEDDS.[50]

Reduction in the Drug Dose

The ability of the SNEDDS in improving Cmax and oral bioavailability or therapeutic effect has been established for various hydrophobic drugs. The improvement in bioavailability can be translated into reduction in the drug dose and dose-related side effects of many hydrophobic drugs, such as antihypertensive and antidiabetic drugs.

Ease of Manufacture & Scale-up

Ease of manufacture and scale-up is one of the most important advantages that make SNEDDS unique when compared with other novel drug delivery systems, such as solid dispersions, liposomes and nanoparticles. SNEDDS require very simple and economical manufacturing facilities, such as simple mixer with an agitator and volumetric liquid filling equipment for large-scale manufacturing.


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