Top 10 for Pharmacists: Medscape Favorites in 2010

Christine Wiebe, MA


December 17, 2010

We publish a huge array of material on Medscape, including daily news stories, full-text journal articles, expert commentaries, and so much more. But each year, certain articles stand out for our members. What compelled the biggest numbers of Medscape pharmacists to click on a headline and read the article or watch the video? Here is our "top 10" list -- can you guess what was #1?

10. DTaP-Tdap Mix-Ups Now Affecting Hundreds of Patients

9. NDM-1 -- Making Resistant Bugs in New Ways

8. How Can Leg Cramps Be Treated?

7. Best Evidence Interview: CINODs -- The NSAID Holy Grail?

6. FDA Issues Second Warning Against Treating Leg Cramps With Quinine

5. Potential Interaction Between Clopidogrel and Proton Pump Inhibitors

4. FDA Restricts Rosiglitazone; EMA Pulls the Plug

3. Gemtuzumab Voluntarily Withdrawn From US Market

2. Abbott Withdraws Sibutramine From Market

And the #1 most-read article by endocrinologists on Medscape in 2010 was...


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