Effects of Three Types of Honey on Cutaneous Wound Healing

Hatice Ozlem Nisbet, DVM, PhD; Cevat Nisbet, DVM, PhD; Murat Yarim, DVM, PhD; Ahmet Guler, PhD; Ahmet Ozak, DVM, PhD



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The present results suggest that the full-thickness wounds treated with honey experience increased granulation tissue formation, epithelization, angiogenesis, and fibroplasia in the early phases of healing. Although there are no significant differences between honeys, the source of the honey can affect the eventual wound healing process. Existing evidence suggests that honey has the potential to reduce inflammation and scarring, and aids in cellular regeneration. Further research is required to understand the mechanisms of action regarding honeys from various sources in addition to comparing unifloral to multifloral honeys. The optimal method for applying honeys to various wound types such as ulcers, burns, and surgical incisions warrants further research.