Vaccine Presentation in the USA: Economics of Prefilled Syringes versus Multidose Vials for Influenza Vaccination

Claudia C Pereira; David Bishai


Expert Rev Vaccines. 2010;9(11):1343-1349. 

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Expert Commentary & Five-year View

Influenza vaccination in the USA still predominantly uses MDVs, but PFSs offer many advantages over MDVs in terms of efficiency and safety, especially considering the many opportunities for errors and contamination that the use of MDVs creates in vaccination.

Although there are unknown issues surrounding policy and market strategy related to influenza vaccines, we expect to continue to see growth in the market share of PFSs for influenza vaccines in the USA. We anticipate that this market will grow from the current 30% to 80–85% in the next 5 years. Our projection is based on interviews with important stakeholders from this industry and from our understanding of the market dynamics over the last few years. As the demand for PFSs increases, manufacturers are expected to increase production capacity and drive costs down. This has already been seen to a certain extent in the past decade. We expect to see the price gap between PFSs and MDVs diminish over the next 5 years.


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