The Top 10 Most Read Articles by Nurse Practitioners on Medscape in 2010

Laurie Scudder, DNP, NP


December 09, 2010

What did nurse practitioners read on Medscape during 2010? We took a quick look back, and discovered that NPs, like virtually all healthcare professionals, were intensely interested in news about healthcare reform. Our NP readers' interest reflects the broad presence of NPs in the healthcare environment. Clinically focused articles about issues affecting patients from birth to end-of-life were widely read. NPs, too, are very interested in news that affects their ability to practice and the growing recognition of their critical role in helping to solve the nation's healthcare problems.

If you missed these important articles that your colleagues are discussing -- please take some time now to review them.

Here are the highlights from the Medscape Top 10 for Nurse Practitioners in 2010:

  1. The Nurse Practitioner Will See You Now
    Are we on the verge of hearing these words spoken in more primary care settings than ever before?

  2. Immunization Resource Center
    In aggregate, articles about Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommendations were among those with the highest interest for NPs. This reference center summarizes the recommendations published throughout the year.

  3. Does Familiarity Breed Respect?
    Why do physicians resist independent practice by nurse practitioners in underserved areas?

  4. FDA Issues Second Warning Against Treating Leg Cramps With Quinine
    Treating such cramps with quinine is an off-label use with potentially serious adverse effects, the agency says.

  5. A Letter to Hollywood: Nurses Are Not Handmaidens
    We need to let the media know, loud and clear, that nurses are autonomous professionals, not the brainless bimbos they think we are.

  6. Largest Ever Nurses' Strike Could Be Sign of Future Unrest
    The 1-day walkout in Minnesota was the latest example of a new national nurses union taking on the hospital industry.

  7. A Matter of Respect and Dignity: Bullying in the Nursing Profession
    What is being done to end the bullying culture that has taken hold in the nursing profession?

  8. Pay Growing Faster for Nurse Practitioners Than Physicians
    The shortage of primary care physicians is making it easier for NPs to name their price.

  9. Caffeine Intoxication and Addiction
    Energy drinks are loaded with caffeine and sugar, infused with herbal additives, and marketed particularly to youth. Learn more about the health effects.

  10. FDA Warns of Suicide Risk for Tramadol
    The agency advises that the opioid may be sought by patients with drug abuse and addiction problems or those with criminal diversion in mind.

This year featured numerous articles on healthcare reform and the ongoing battle over Medicare. We have chosen to highlight a few of the most important below articles and resources below.

  1. Healthcare Reform Resource Center
    The evolving debate was chronicled by Medscape throughout 2010. Bookmark this page so that you'll have access to the latest information as it becomes available.

  2. Organized Medicine Split Over Healthcare Reform Along Specialty Lines
    Societies representing primary care physicians tend to support the new law and the economic benefits it holds for them. The law has little to offer surgeons, however, and their societies oppose it.

  3. Berwick Appointed to Head CMS Without Senate Vote
    President Obama used his power of "recess appointment" to appoint pediatrician Donald Berwick, previously president and chief executive officer of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, to the position of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services administrator.

Editor's Note: We would like to hear from you. Please tell us what Medscape content you found most useful or important for NPs in 2010 and offer your suggestions for important topics to cover, both in the clinical and policy arenas, in 2011: NPs: Your Favorite Medscape Content?


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