Epilepsy in the Elderly

Ann Johnston; Phil EM Smith


Expert Rev Neurother. 2010;10(12):1899-1910. 

In This Article

Research in the Elderly with Epilepsy

Given the prevalence and economic burden of epilepsy in the elderly, there has been surprisingly little specific research into this. There are difficulties in recruiting and retaining accurately diagnosed elderly patients with epilepsy into trials, but perhaps there has also hitherto been a lack of interest in the study of aging. This is now changing, with a growing interest in the pathological processes of aging and of Alzheimer's disease in particular. Perhaps this will create the impetus for a focus also on epilepsy in elderly people. The European scientific community has identified the importance of certain research areas,[73] some of which are relevant to the elderly; these include prevention of epilepsy development after brain trauma, translating genetic knowledge to optimize patient care, reducing the burden of seizures and improving treatment and prognosis.[13]


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