Intraventricular Cavernoma

John D. Nguyen, MD; Sangam Kanekar, MD; Annilyn S. Purayidom, MD


Appl Radiol. 2010;39(11):54-58. 

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Case Summary

A 38-year-old Caucasian male was referred to the neurosurgery clinic at our institution following a several-month history of progressively worsening gait and difficulty driving. More recently the patient experienced behavioral changes, short-term memory loss, and occasional right arm and leg twitching. The patient otherwise had no significant past medical history. Neurologic examination revealed cerebellar dysfunction with broad-based gait and inability to tandem gait. Sensory deficits of the right upper and lower extremity were elicited. The patient demonstrated peripheral visual field deficits of the right eye and diplopia with right lateral and downward gaze. The patient's short-term memory was poor. The remainder of the neurological exam and routine blood testing were unremarkable.


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