Demystifying Nocturia: Identifying the Cause and Tailoring the Treatment

Paula Laureanno, RN; Pamela Ellsworth, MD, FACS, FAAP


Urol Nurs. 2010;30(5):276-287. 

In This Article

Terminology Related to Nocturia

ICS has developed several definitions for terms that apply to the evaluation and identification of the cause of an individual's nocturia (van Kerrebroeck et al., 2002). Weiss and colleagues have also identified several parameters pertinent to the evaluation of nocturia (Weiss, Blaivas, & Stember, 1998). Table 1 lists terms and definitions with respect to nocturia. Adoption of these terms by health care professionals evaluating and managing nocturia will allow for a more efficient communication among providers/specialties.


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