Exclusive Ethics Survey Results: Doctors Struggle With Tougher-Than-Ever Dilemmas


November 11, 2010

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Physician Relations & Patient Privacy

Physician Relations

13. If a physician-friend or colleague were impaired (alcohol, drugs, illness) or was no longer competent -- and he or she ignored your warnings to get help -- would you report that person to a superior or to the state medical board ?

  • Yes, 86.2%

  • No, 2.3%

  • It depends, 11.6%

14. Would you refer a patient to a physician simply to return a favor to the doctor, when you didn't think that that person was the best qualified?

  • Yes, 2.4%

  • No, 92.4%

  • It depends, 5.2%

Patient Privacy

15. Would you ever discuss patient information in situations that did not fully protect their privacy, ie, socially or while talking with doctors about subjects not related to the patient?

  • Yes, 8.4%

  • No, 77.4%

  • It depends, 14.2%

16. Is it ever acceptable to break patient confidentiality if you know that a patient's health status may be harming others?

  • Yes, 53.2%

  • No, 20.2%

  • It depends, 26.6%


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