Exclusive Ethics Survey Results: Doctors Struggle With Tougher-Than-Ever Dilemmas


November 11, 2010

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Insurance Issues

10. Would you feel conflicted about dropping insurers that don't pay well even though some long-time patients would probably stop seeing you?

  • Yes, 57.0%

  • No, 26.5%

  • It depends, 16.5%

11. Is it ever acceptable to overstate or falsify a patient's condition when submitting claims or seeking prior authorization?

  • Yes, in order to get a patient the services -- such as drugs, treatment, or hospital coverage, 17.1%

  • Yes, in order to bring in more revenue, 0.2%

  • No, 73.2%

  • It depends, 9.4%

12. Would you ever "fire" a noncompliant patient so that you could improve your pay-for-performance scores or stop dealing with patients who "overuse" resources on their capitation plans?

  • Yes, 9.0%

  • No, 78.9%

  • It depends, 12.1%


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