Exclusive Ethics Survey Results: Doctors Struggle With Tougher-Than-Ever Dilemmas


November 11, 2010

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End-of-Life Care Questions

End-of-life care seemed to pose the biggest quandaries, on the basis of the wide dispersion of answers and the high percentage of "it depends" responses.

1. Would you ever recommend or give life-sustaining therapy when you judged that it was futile?

  • Yes, 23.6%

  • No, 37.0%

  • It depends, 39.4%

2. Would you ever consider halting life-sustaining therapy because the family demands it, even if you believed that it was premature?

  • Yes, 16.3%

  • No, 54.5%

  • It depends, 29.2%

3. Should physician-assisted suicide be allowed in some cases?

  • Yes, 45.8%

  • No, 40.7%

  • It depends, 13.5%


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