INF-Gamma Therapy for Invasive Fungal Infections in Transplant Patients

Ron Shapiro, MD


October 13, 2010

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Hi, my name is Ron Shapiro. I'm a transplant surgeon at the University of Pittsburgh. Today I want to talk to you about a really interesting small study from the Imperial College Group in London, England,[1] on the treatment of patients with invasive fungal infections that were refractory to routine therapy.

In 7 patients, the addition of a short course of about 6 weeks of interferon gamma was successful in helping to eradicate the fungal infections without loss of renal function.

Although the investigators were very careful to qualify their conclusions as being tentative in that this was not a randomized trial, and was very preliminary, the patients who had serious invasive fungal infections often had very high mortality rates. This potential addition to the therapeutic armamentarium is fascinating and bears further investigation. I believe that this combination should be studied in a larger number of patients in other centers but is really quite interesting.

Thank you.