Nine Smartphone Apps to Improve Your Practice

Bruno S. Oliveira, MD


October 05, 2010

In This Article


Smartphone use in the United States and abroad is on a vertiginous rise.[1] These mobile devices are malleable, multifunctional tools that can be helpful to many professionals, including healthcare workers, who can benefit from integrating smartphones and apps into their daily routine.

I am a rheumatologist working in private practice. Despite not having a formal background in computer science, I have a special interest in software applications (apps) with the potential to streamline my workflow while preserving quality of care. Below is an overview of 6 problems faced by clinicians and 9 smartphone apps to help address these problems.

I have used the android operating system (OS) throughout this article to showcase software. Most apps are also available on other operating systems such as iOS (iPhone®, iPod®, and iPad™), BlackBerry® (RIM OS), webOS™ (Palm®), and Windows Phone 7. By in large, the apps shown in this article are free. Nevertheless, you can often get premium features for a fee.


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