Phase III HIV Vaccine Trial in Thailand: A Step Toward a Protective Vaccine for HIV

Monica Vaccari; Poonam Poonam; Genoveffa Franchini


Expert Rev Vaccines. 2010;9(9):997-1005. 

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Abstract and Introduction


The large human efficacy trail in Thailand, RV144, was concluded in the summer of 2009. This is the first Phase III trial to show limited, but significant, efficacy in preventing HIV acquisition. This trial represents the first sign that a preventive vaccine for HIV may be feasible. The vaccine regimen tested in Thailand consisted of priming with a Canarypox vector carrying three synthetic HIV genes. The priming was followed by booster inoculations with two recombinant envelope proteins from HIV, clade B and E. The need to understand the role in protection from HIV acquisition of the new responses, induced by this vaccine combination, has brought together many researchers with the common goal of improving the development of a safe and effective vaccine for HIV.


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