Affordable Care Act: The First Wave -- Tsunami or Ripple?

A Medscape Roundtable

William T. Basco, Jr., MD; Robert W. Morrow, MD; Ileana L. Piña, MD; Charles P. Vega, MD


September 21, 2010

The Question

On September 23, 2010, seven provisions from the Affordable Care Act are due to be implemented:

  1. Extending coverage for young adults (up to age 26)

  2. Providing free preventive care

  3. Prohibiting insurance companies from rescinding coverage

  4. Appealing insurance company decisions

  5. Eliminating lifetime limits

  6. Regulating annual limits

  7. Prohibiting denial of coverage of children based on preexisting coverage

We asked a few Medscape advisors to share their thoughts on how this might affect practice – for better or for worse.