Melanotropic Peptides: more than Just 'Barbie Drugs' and 'Sun-tan Jabs'?

E.A. Langan; Z. Nie; L.E. Rhodes


The British Journal of Dermatology. 2010;163(3):451-455. 

In This Article


Melanotropic peptides exert photoprotective effects in humans in vivo, and ongoing clinical trials are exploring whether this may translate into tangible clinical benefits in the photoprotection of photosensitivity disorders and nonmelanoma skin cancer. There are safety concerns regarding the unregulated use of chemicals labelled as melanotan I and II, including risks of virus transmission through needle sharing and of diagnostic confusion through distortion of the appearance of pigmented skin lesions, and advice should be given against this recreational use. Future research will clarify the scope of characterized α-MSH analogues as a therapeutic tool, when applied in controlled dosage and defined conditions.


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