What does 'Meaningful Use' Mean for Pediatrics?

Christoph U Lehmann; Jennifer Mansour; Jonathan D Klein


Pediatr Health. 2010;4(4):361-363. 

In This Article

Rule 5: meaningful use must mean the same thing in every Medicaid Program

Unlike the meaningful use program for adult patients that will be designed and structured by the federal government though CMS, the incentive programs tied to medical incentives are shaped and implemented by the State and Territorial Medicaid programs. The risk of generating 57 different programs and 57 different definitions of meaningful use for children is high. Varying definitions would discourage health information technology vendors from implementing meaningful use criteria for children, because the potential buyers for each measure may be limited to one or two states. In order to be successful in pediatrics, meaningful use criteria must be standardized and harmonized across states and territories.


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