What does 'Meaningful Use' Mean for Pediatrics?

Christoph U Lehmann; Jennifer Mansour; Jonathan D Klein


Pediatr Health. 2010;4(4):361-363. 

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Rule 1: Meaningful Use Criteria & Quality Measures must be Tailored to the Scope of Practice

Meaningful use and quality measures must be tailored to the scope of pediatric practice, and to specific patient populations. A pediatrician specializing in the treatment of obesity should be able to select quality reporting measures that reflect the nature of his/her practice. Reporting and retrieving newborn screening data and tracking follow-up should be quality measures for physicians who care for newborns. Adolescents are in a critical stage of their life, where not all sensitive information is shared with their parents. Meaningful use in this age group must acknowledge the need for privacy and support the ability of adolescents to determine when and how parents or guardians have access to their clinical information. Using the same measurements of meaningful use across the spectrum of pediatric care would not make sense.


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