Deaths after Chiropractic: A Review of Published Cases

E. Ernst


Int J Clin Pract. 2010;64(10):1162-1165. 

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Twenty-six fatalities were published since 1934 in 23 articles (Table 1).[5–27]

Most of the victims were relatively young; 14 were below the age of 40. There was a slight majority of female patients. The type of complication associated with death frequently related to a vascular accident leading to thrombosis and cerebral infarction. The time between treatment and death ranged from 1 h to 58 days; in 10 cases, it was 1 day or less. Unfortunately, the published information was often incomplete.

Many other fatalities seem to have remained unpublished. For instance, the testimony of the chiropractor Preston Long for a court in Connecticut recently listed the family names of nine victims: Mathiason, Solsbury, Mc Cornick, Venegas, Bedenbaugh, Lewis, Fawcett, Parisien, Standt. Long also states that 'many others [are] unknown hidden behind legal agreements of silence'.[28] A website names further North American fatalities: Linda Epping (California), G. Fowden (Utah), Ronald Grainger (Alberta), John Hoffman (Maryland), Renate Dora Labonte (Ontario), Jose Lopez (California), Donald Pereyra (Connecticut), Elizabeth A. Roth (Ontario) and Kimberly Lee Strohecker (Pennsylvania).[29]


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