Occurrence and Characteristics of Head Cysts in Children

Noam Armon, MD; Sivan Shamay, MD; Alexander Maly, MD; Alexander Margulis, MD


ePlasty. 2010;10:e37 

In This Article

Material and Methods

Approval by the institutional review board at Hadassah Medical Center was obtained before beginning this study. Basic demographic information for each patient, including gender, age at the time of surgery, and the means by which the patient came to the attention of the surgeon, was recorded. The presenting history and physical examination, clinic notes, and radiological reports were reviewed. The preoperative diagnosis was based on history, clinical examination, and radiology reports. The postoperative diagnosis was determined by reviewing the histological slides with an expert dermatopathologist. The histological data were recorded and compared with the diagnosis and the initial histology report.


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