Ovarian Cysts: A Review

Cheryl Horlen, PharmD, BCPS


US Pharmacist. 2010;35(7):1-4. 

In This Article

Surgical Approach

The type of surgical approach used for ovarian cyst removal depends upon several factors. The laparoscopic approach typically is used for benign ovarian cysts that are less than 10 cm in diameter.[16] A recent Cochrane review evaluated the benefits and risks of laparoscopy versus laparotomy in 12 randomized trials involving 769 patients with benign ovarian tumors.[16] Patients who underwent laparoscopy had a decreased risk of adverse events from surgery, experienced less pain, and spent fewer days in the hospital than patients who underwent traditional laparotomy. No difference was found in rates of fever, postoperative infections, or tumor recurrence between the two procedures.

For patients with a mass suspected of malignancy based on ultrasound findings, CA-125 levels, and clinical assessment, laparotomy is generally recommended.[8] Laparotomy often is preferred in these patients owing to the risk of cyst rupture and tumor spillage with laparoscopy.


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