Ovarian Cysts: A Review

Cheryl Horlen, PharmD, BCPS


US Pharmacist. 2010;35(7):1-4. 

In This Article

Management of Benign Ovarian Neoplasms

Owing to their typically high fat content, dermoid cysts tend to be more buoyant in the pelvis than other types of neoplasms; therefore, they are more likely to result in ovarian torsion.[4] Although the rate of malignancy is low, dermoid cysts are usually removed surgically owing to the increased risk of ovarian torsion and cyst rupture.

Other benign ovarian neoplasms are often surgically removed as well, owing to the potential for malignant transformation with increasing age.[4] For women desiring future fertility, conservative surgical treatment with cystectomy rather than oophorectomy may be possible in some cases.


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