Do You Recognize These Cystic Lesions?

Adam R. Taintor, MD


July 29, 2010


A punch biopsy specimen obtained from the patient's right upper arm revealed a dermal cystic lesion lined by thin, minimally keratinized squamous cells and a thin eosinophilic cuticle without the formation of a granular layer. Sebaceous glands are adjacent. The cyst contains scant sebaceous debris and rare, small vellus hair fragments (Figures 4-6).

Figure 4. Low-power view of the biopsy specimen.

Figure 5. Medium-power view of the biopsy specimen.

Figure 6. High-power view of the biopsy specimen.

What is your diagnosis?

A. Acne conglobata
B. Multiple epidermoid cysts
C. Steatocystoma multiplex
D. Pachyonychia congenital type I

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