Lasers and Light Devices in the Treatment of Cosmetic Pigmentary Disorders in Asian Skin

Goh Chee Leok


Dermatology Nursing 

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Abstract and Introduction


Pigmentation disorders are common in Asians. Asians are also more prone to develop post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Pigmentation disorders are cosmetically disfiguring in Asians and are a common reason for dermatology consultation in Asian countries. Most patients seek treatment for cosmetic reasons.


The development of cosmetic lasers and other light-based devices have allowed for effective and safe treatment of many cosmetic pigmentary disorders which were previously not treatable. Such devices specifically target the pigmented lesion with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue (Anderson & Parrish, 1983; Bailin, 1985; Goldman, Blaney, Kindel, & Franke, 1963; Jones & Nouri, 2006). However, some pigmented lesions, such as Becker's naevus, café-au-lait macules, and naevus spilus remain recalcitrant to current therapies due to their innate biological nature.

In this article, the principles and clinical applications of the lasers and intense-pulse light (IPL) device in the treatment of the cosmetic pigmentary disorders commonly seen in Asians are highlighted.