Expression of Chemokine Receptor CCR6 as a Molecular Determinant of Adrenal Metastatic Relapse in Patients With Primary Lung Cancer

Christophe M. Raynaud; Olaf Mercier; Philippe Dartevelle; Frédéric Commo; Ken André Olaussen; Vincent de Montpreville; Fabrice André; Laure Sabatier; Jean-Charles Soria


Clin Lung Cancer. 2010;11(3):187-191. 

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Although we acknowledge the lack of functional validation and the limited size of our patient population, we believe the statistical difference observed between CCR6 expression in adrenal metastases and corresponding primary tumors suggests a role for the CCR6 receptor in the organ orientation of adrenal metastases in lung cancer. Our results support the possibility that circulating CCR6-expressing tumor cells are oriented toward the adrenal gland by the adrenal CCL20 expression in patients with NSCLC.


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