Stoma Dermatitis: Prevalent but Often Overlooked

Shilpa Agarwal; Alison Ehrlich


Dermatitis. 2010;21(3):138-147. 

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Peristomal skin complications are quite common among ostomy patients, and both prevention and proper management of these dermatologic issues are important to the patient's well-being. Preventing cases of peristomal dermatitis can make postoperative recovery and the subsequent lifestyle more bearable for the patient. Fewer peristomal skin problems ultimately create a better surface for the ostomy equipment to bind to, which helps prevent complications due to leakage. Further research on the potential allergens in ostomy equipment and products is also necessary to create more options for patients. Proper postoperative follow-ups are needed to address any complications that do arise. It is also important to educate patients about the types of dermatologic issues that are normal with an ostomy as well as those that are abnormal. In addition, it is essential that surgeons, wound care and ostomy nurses, and dermatologists cooperate and communicate to ensure proper care of the patient.