Update on Male Hormonal Contraception: Is the Vasectomy in Jeopardy?

GJ Manetti and SC Honig


Int J Impot Res. 2010;22(3):159-170. 

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In summary, male hormonal contraception is approaching the high bar set by 'the pill' and vasectomy. However, much more work is necessary to clarify the best combination therapy, timing, efficacy, and short- and long-term safety before it will reach phase 3 trials. The 10th summit meeting on Hormonal Male Contraception (2006) has agreed on the following criteria listed in Table 1 for studies on treatment modalities.[35]

Although vasectomy and condoms will likely remain very popular options, the hope for a nonsurgical treatment for male contraception will certainly remains possible in the future. Furthermore, as men's participation in the contraceptive process grows and population growth continues to represent a global concern, the demand for safer, cheaper and more reversible methods will increase as well. However, the long-term effects and male health implications of sustained hormonal supplementation remain persistent obstacles in the search for an effective and tolerable 'male pill'.


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