Update on Male Hormonal Contraception: Is the Vasectomy in Jeopardy?

GJ Manetti and SC Honig


Int J Impot Res. 2010;22(3):159-170. 

In This Article

Abstract and Introduction


Traditionally, male contraception has consisted of either barrier methods, such as condoms, or vasectomy. However, in recent years, we have made great strides in the basic science and clinical medicine to better understand the feedback mechanisms and physiology of the male reproductive system. These advances have enabled the development of several nonsurgical, hormonal, reversible, well-tolerated alternatives for male contraception. Men are more likely now than ever to participate in the choice of contraceptive techniques. This review will discuss the current status and recent developments in nonsurgical hormonal male contraception, a field that has been historically limited by social, financial and physiological challenges.


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