Pelvic Prolapse: Diagnosing and Treating Cystoceles, Rectoceles, and Enteroceles

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Medscape General Medicine. 1998;1(3) 

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Table 1. Halfway System for Grading Each Site of Pelvic Relaxation

Grade 0: Normal position for each respective site
Grade 1: Descent halfway to the hymen
Grade 2: Descent to the hymen
Grade 3: Descent halfway past the hymen
Grade 4: Maximum possible descent for each site
Notes for using the grading system:
  1. Prolapse is graded at each site (cystocele, uterine prolapse, vault prolapse, rectocele, enterocele) with patient straining maximally. The upright position may also be used.

  2. When choosing between 2 grades, choose the higher grade.

Data from Baden and Walker.[41]