Current Controversies in the USA Regarding Vaccine Safety

Archana Chatterjee; Catherine O'Keefe


Expert Rev Vaccines. 2010;9(5):497-502. 

In This Article

Moral & Religious Concerns

Some parents have refused certain vaccinations for their children based on religious objections. The moral opposition to these vaccines is due to the acquisition of the initial cell lines in which vaccine viruses are grown, from voluntarily aborted fetuses. The specific vaccines are:

  • Single-antigen vaccines against rubella

  • Multiantigen vaccines against MMR

  • Single-antigen vaccine against chickenpox

  • Vaccines against hepatitis A[24]

In response to these concerns, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops has issued statements relieving parents of the obligation to refuse this vaccine based on the Catholic Church's opposition to voluntary abortion. The Catholic Bishops have noted that the source of the cell line for the vaccines was not the choice of the parents and the only viable option to protect their child and the community from serious illness is to take the vaccine.[25]


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