Chronobiology and Obesity: The Orchestra Out of Tune

Marta Garaulet; Purificación Gómez-Abellán; Juan Antonio Madrid


Clin Lipidology. 2010;5(2):181-188. 

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The circadian system in humans could be interpreted as a physiological orchestra in which not only the conductor (suprachiasmatic nucleus) but also the different groups of instruments (peripheral clocks) play a relevant role. An adequate synchronization between both is rather important to the final result. The difference between the maintenance of a healthy internal temporal order and an unhealthy circadian status (CD) depends only on whether sounds (peaks) and silences (troughs) of each peripheral clocks are ordered accurately by the orchestra director. Obesity could be the consequence of an orchestra out of tune. Many epidemiological, physiological and genetic factors contribute to transforming a beautiful melody into a squeaky noise.


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