Electrical Foot Stimulation: A Potential New Method of Deep Venous Thrombosis Prophylaxis

James J. Czyrny; Robert E. Kaplan; Gregory E. Wilding; Christopher H. Purdy; Jack Hirsh


Vascular. 2010;18(1):20-27. 

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Based on the favorable effects on venous blood flow velocity, this method of electrical foot stimulation has the potential to be an effective means of prophylaxis against venous thrombosis, particularly when patients are discharged after acute hospitalization. This compact device allows patients to simultaneously receive DVT prophylaxis as well as ambulate, perform various activities of daily living, and participate in physical and occupational therapy in an unencumbered manner. This device could also potentially be used in patients when anticoagulation is contraindicated or pneumatic compression is not feasible. Additionally, patients who require DVT prophylaxis on discharge from the acute hospital setting, as well as longdistance travelers, are potentially excellent candidates for this method of DVT prevention. Further clinical evaluation of this modality is indicated.


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