Cladribine Tablets: A Potential New Short-course Annual Treatment for Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

Jack C Sipe, MD


Expert Rev Neurother. 2010;10(3):365-375. 

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Therapy with cladribine tablets has the potential to become an important new treatment option for individuals with RRMS in terms of efficacy, safety/tolerability and ease of medication delivery. In the clinical trial setting, this preferential lymphocyte-reducing agent results in immunological modulation that reduces relapses, neurological disease activity and disease progression.[56] The short-course dosing regimen proposed in the CLARITY study is intended to provide patients with convenient future treatment options. An orally administered drug may result in improved compliance and adherence to treatment, maximizing the potential patient benefits. Therapy with cladribine tablets, which is currently in regulatory review, is potentially the latest addition to the first-line medications in the treatment of MS.


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