Contact Urticaria Due to Phenoxyethanol in an Aftershave

Dunia Lujan; Buenaventura Hernandez-Machin; Yeray Peñate; Leopoldo Borrego


Dermatitis. 2009;20(4):E10-E10. 

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Case Report

A 38-year-old male reported a 2-month history of local pruritus and swelling that occurred on both cheeks immediately after the application of an aftershave product (Medicis, Isdin, Barcelona, Spain) and that lasted for 4 to 6 hours. He had been using the product for a number of years previously.

A use test with Medicis aftershave was performed and showed a strong positive result. Patch tests were performed with the standard Spanish Contact Dermatitis Research and Cutaneous Allergy Group and cosmetics series (Chemotechnique Diagnostics, Malmö, Sweden). Readings were positive for Euxyl K400 (Schülke & Mayr GmbH, Norderstedt, Germany) at 30 minutes and negative at 48 and 96 hours. Contact open application tests were carried out with both Euxyl K400 components (methyldibromoglutaronitrile and phenoxyethanol). Open-test results were negative for methyldibromoglutaronitrile 0.5% in petrolatum (pet) and positive for 2-phenoxyethanol 1% pet 20 minutes after application. Phenoxyethanol was identified as an ingredient in Medicis aftershave.


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