Unusual Clinical Presentations of Gout

Tony C. Ning; Robert T. Keenan


Curr Opin Rheumatol. 2010;22(2):181 

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Saturnine Gout

Gout that is caused by lead toxicity is called saturnine gout. It is named after the Roman God Saturn, whose Roman festival was associated with heavy-wine drinking from presumed lead-lined goblets. Clinically, patients with saturnine gout tend to present with signs of lead toxicity prior to crystal-arthropathy manifestations, which can include abdominal pain, nerve palsies, and renal failure.[17,18] Fortunately, the incidence of saturnine gout in the United States and many countries in the western world has decreased due to public health interventions and lead-toxicity awareness; but unfortunately, the prevalence in other parts of the world including Central and South America, Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific remains high.[19]


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