Is Oseltamivir (Tamiflu®) Safe? Re-examining the Tamiflu 'Ado' from Japan

Etsuji Okamoto


Expert Rev Pharmacoeconomics Outcomes Res. 2010;10(1):17-24. 

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According to the latest systematic review, antivirals (oseltamivir and zanamivir) are effective in shortening the median duration of influenza by 0.5–1.5 days and reducing transmission of influenza by 8%.[20] Concerns over NPAEs are not substantiated by preponderance of evidence and clinicians shall not be deterred to give treatment with oseltamivir simply by such concerns. NPAEs are commonly seen among influenza patients, particularly in children, and may be effectively dealt with through universal precautions (e.g., close observation). Cautions should be taken for all influenza patients regardless of whether oseltamivir is prescribed. However, concerns remain unanswered regarding the potential risk of sudden deaths with oseltamivir. Large-scale retrospective studies should be conducted immediately to ascertain such concerns.


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