On being Very, Very Old: An Insider's Perspective

Elaine M. Brody, MSW, DSc (Hon)


Gerontologist. 2010;50(1):2-10. 

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A Personal Future Perspective

My personal future perspective is expanding. My four 20-something granddaughters are in the family formation stage of life, bringing some new members into the family. And in addition to the children and grandchildren who are my future, I was expecting a great-grandchild while this was being written. Jonah has now arrived!

The GSA and its members and staff have been an extremely important part of my life. I thank you very much for this opportunity to talk with you once again—my "Last Hurrah"—particularly because this lecture was commissioned by the Polisher Research Institute in memory of the extraordinary M. Powell Lawton, my long-time colleague and friend. Yes! I am glad to be alive today.