Exercise at Menopause: A Critical Difference

Margaret Burghardt, MD


Medscape General Medicine. 1999;1(3) 

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Cardiovascular Disease: No Gender Difference in Elderly

Prior to menopause, women experience a much lower level of CHD than men of the same age, but the overall death rate from CHD among women is almost as high, with the onset delayed by 10 to 15 years.[33] With advancing age, the magnitude of the gender difference in CHD and all-cause mortality decreases, until the risk of dying for elderly men and women is almost identical.[10] Menopause has been found to have an unfavorable effect on lipid metabolism and body weight. The combined effects of the hormonal changes of menopause and natural aging on lipids, blood pressure, weight, and fasting insulin levels put the menopausal woman at increased risk for atherosclerosis and CHD.[34]