Currently Approved Prophylactic HPV Vaccines

Diane M Harper


Expert Rev Vaccines. 2009;8(12):1663-1679. 

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Seropositive & PCR Negative for HPV-6, -11, -16 & -18

Data from the Gardasil studies (Table 11)[103] show that the antibody titers for HPV-6, -11 and -18 (not HPV-16) measured at 30 months for the 9–12-year-old girls seronegative and PCR negative to HPV-6, -11, -16 and -18 were half the titers present at 38–50 months for the 16–26-year-old seropositive women who were PCR-negative for HPV-6, -11, -16 and -18 at study entry. On the other hand, the antibody titers for HPV-16 were equivalent for the 9–12-year-old girls and the 16–26-year-old seropositive, PCR-negative women at study end. If the concept of immunobridging is to be believed, this evidence indicates that Gardasil should be equally effective for 16–26-year-old sexually active young women as it is assumed to be in the 9–12-year-old naive cohort, as neither group has an actively replicating vaccine type-specific HPV infection. This will alleviate much of the social and cultural strife of targeting a vaccine for a sexually transmitted infection to young physiologically immature adolescents without removing the possibility of being vaccinated at either a young age or an age postcoital debut. As previously stated, data from the Costa Rica Vaccine Trial supports this concept: protection from persistent HPV-16/18 infections and CIN 2+ disease caused by any HPV type was 57 per 1000 women in those women vaccinated within their first year of sexual activity, whereas it was only 17 per 1000 women in those women vaccinated as virgins who went on to become sexually active.[25] Given the tremendous negative attitude among physicians and patients about Gardasil being marketed to girls too young, there is excellent scientific evidence to emphasize the benefits of vaccinating young women instead of adolescents.[105,55]


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