The Year's Top 10 Featured Articles on Medscape

Carol Peckham


December 30, 2009

We thought that you would be interested in taking a look at the 2009 top 10 featured articles on Medscape. They were chosen on the basis of being the most highly read articles, and each article selected had to be rated with more than 4 stars. It is no surprise that these articles focused on H1N1 influenza A and professional practice issues. Because more than 10 of the top articles actually concerned the pandemic and may now be outdated, we have chosen the H1N1 Influenza A Alert Center as our number one feature, which is still being updated with current and critical information. Eight articles concerned professional issues that have emerged in the wake of the seismic shifts that are still occuring in healthcare, and the last was one of our best evidence reviews.

May next year be a bit less turbulent for our health and its care system.

Carol Peckham, Director, Editorial Development

  1. H1N1 Influenza A (Swine Flu) Alert Center

  2. Solving the "Unsustainable" Physician-Pay Problem: Perspectives From the ACP, ACS, and ACC

  3. How Healthcare Reform Could Affect Physicians

  4. Doctors' Recession-Buster Guide: Ten Effective Ways to Lower Your Overhead

  5. PDAs and Smartphones: Clinical Tools for Physicians

  6. Best Ways to Deal With Noncompliant Patients

  7. Best Ways to Deal With No-Shows

  8. Electronic Medical Record Survey Results: Medscape Exclusive Readers' Choice

  9. No, Don't Buy an EMR Now! Yes, Buy an EMR Now!

  10. Periodontal Disease and the Risk for Cardiovascular Disease


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