INVEST Revisited: Review of Findings from the International Verapamil SR–Trandolapril Study

Rhonda M Cooper-DeHoff; Eileen M Handberg; Giuseppe Mancia; Qian Zhou; Annette Champion; Udo F Legler; Carl J Pepine


Expert Rev Cardiovasc Ther. 2009;7(11):1329-1340. 

In This Article


Across the spectrum of hypertensive CAD patients studied in INVEST, we demonstrated that:

  • BP can be controlled in a high-risk population using a verapamil SR-based or an atenolol-based multi-drug treatment strategy without concern for safety or tolerance;

  • Lowering BP is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular events, including all-cause death, MI and stroke;

  • Risk of new-onset diabetes is reduced when BP is lowered with the combination of verapamil SR plus trandolapril;

  • Both BP-lowering strategies reduce the occurrence of angina episodes, and this along with BP reduction is associated with improved feeling of well being.


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