Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis

Tami Maguire


Dermatology Nursing. 2009;21(4):190-192. 

In This Article

Diagnostic Screening

When a patient presents with signs and symptoms suggestive of APD, it is extremely important to obtain a thorough history. Pertinent questions are extremely important:

  1. How often do symptoms appear? Monthly, every other month, a few times a year?

  2. Is your menstrual cycle regular or irregular?

  3. When do the symptoms appear related to your menstrual cycle, and when do they resolve?

  4. Have you been treated for this condition in the past? Did it relieve the symptoms?

  5. Have you ever taken birth control pills or any medications related to female infertility?

  6. Did you have any symptoms during pregnancy?

These patients may have suffered with this condition for many years, and thought it was a normal manifestation of menstruation. Obtaining a detailed gynecological history will provide data on which to base a probable diagnosis.


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