Managing Labor and Delivery of the Diabetic Mother

Hen Y. Sela, MD; Itamar Raz, MD; Uriel Elchalal, MD


Expert Rev of Obstet Gynecol. 2009;4(5):547-554. 

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Fetal Lung Maturation

Preterm infants (<37 weeks' gestation) are at higher risk of RDS, a serious complication that remains the primary cause of early neonatal death and disability.[67] Infants who are born preterm and do survive the neonatal period are at a significantly increased risk of long-term neurological disability.[68,69] RDS develops as a consequence of surfactant deficiency and immature lung development. The risk of RDS and neonatal mortality reduces as gestation increases, reflecting maturity of organ systems.[69,70,71]

Amniocentesis for the assessment of fetal lung maturity is not indicated in well-controlled patients who have indications for induction of labor or Caesarean section, as long as there is reasonable certainty regarding the estimation of gestational age. When delivery is necessary at an earlier gestational age for the wellbeing of mother or fetus, delivery should be affected without regard to lung maturity testing.


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