Managing Labor and Delivery of the Diabetic Mother

Hen Y. Sela, MD; Itamar Raz, MD; Uriel Elchalal, MD


Expert Rev of Obstet Gynecol. 2009;4(5):547-554. 

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Five-year View

It seems that, in cases of macrosomia, Caesarean is the method of choice for delivering these babies. However, the question that we face today is how to refine and improve our selection of the maternal-fetal pairs that would benefit most from Caesarean sections, avoiding the unnecessary ones. More accurate estimation of fetal weight and prediction of birthweight would minimize maternal morbidity from Caesarean sections erroneously performed for suspected macrosomia. MRI and 3D ultrasound are promising new modalities that may improve fetal weight estimation by providing volumetric assessments of the fetus.


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