Where Next for the Endoscope?

Ricardo A. Natalin; Jaime Landman

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Urologic endoscopy has evolved tremendously since its inception, with massive improvements in our ability to image the urinary tract. Similarly, our ability to diagnose and treat pathologies of the urinary tract continues to improve. We have already seen the applications of technology lead to improvements in imaging, device characteristics and the caliber of available instrumentation. These advances have enabled urologists to perform a range of minimally invasive treatments, which have reduced morbidity and improved recovery of patients.

Ongoing research and technological improvements will keep endoscopes in a constant state of evolution, in which novel technologies constantly extend the abilities of endoscopic techniques. The endoscope is becoming a trusted 'partner' to the surgeon in that it can help to optimize the control of other equipment in the operating theater and evaluate tissue better than the human eye alone. Certainly, in the future, our current concepts of endoscopy will change dramatically, and our patients will benefit from the continued expansion of these minimally invasive technologies.