Allergy to Ophthalmic Preservatives

Jison Hong; Leonard Bielory


Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol. 2009;9(5):447-453. 

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Preservatives and Complications of Chronic Treatment

The toxicity of preservatives manifest with prolonged use in the chronic treatment of ocular diseases. The cytotoxic effects increase with the concentration of the preservative and the duration of the exposure. As the widespread use of preservatives in many commonly used products continues, more studies such as those with contact lens formulations and ocular allergy treatments (as the ocular allergy therapeutic market has continued to increase by 10–20% per annum) will have to be done to study its effects,[32•] especially those that are adverse and compromise the safety of the consumer in order to better define the toxic from the immunologic/allergic adverse effects.