Cooperative Group Research Endeavors in Small-cell Lung Cancer: Current and Future Directions

Current and Future Directions

Randeep Sangha; Primo N. Lara, Jr.; Alex A. Adjei; Paul Baas; Hak Choy; Laurie E. Gaspar; Glenwood Goss; Nagahiro Saijo; Joan H. Schiller; Everett E. Vokes; David R. Gandara


Clin Lung Cancer. 2009;10(5) 

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National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group

The NCIC-CTG is the only adult cooperative oncology group based in Canada with a national membership supporting a spectrum of clinical trials ranging from phase I testing of novel therapeutic agents to the conduct of large, randomized, controlled phase III trials. The importance of its contributions to the treatment of lung cancer is well recognized. Historically, the NCIC-CTG has been an active participant of SCLC trials initiated by other cooperative groups. NCIC-CTG BR.28, also known as the previously described CONVERT trial, is one such effort that has recently opened to accrual in NCIC-CTG member institutions.


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