The Advanced Practice Nursing Data Collection Toolkit: A Compendium of Research Tools

Julie U. Vohra, MSc; Denise Bryant-Lukosius, MScN, PhD


October 07, 2009

In This Article


This paper describes a Web-based compendium of measurement instruments used in advanced practice nursing (APN)-related research. The steps of the Participatory, Evidence-based, Patient-focused Process, for APN (PEPPA) framework for APN role development, implementation, and evaluation were used to organize and categorize available measurement instruments. An APN Data Collection Toolkit was designed to assist APN researchers, students, and decision-makers to select an appropriate instrument for data collection. Tool summaries contain author contact information, tool availability, and psychometric properties, as well as citations for published research in which the tool has been used. The Toolkit provides quick access to existing APN role measures and is an important resource for those who are introducing and evaluating APN roles.


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